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Elise + Aaron | Wawona Hotel Glacier Point Yosemite Wedding | Colorful UP Disney Movie Inspired

This beautiful wedding was between two nature-loving, outdoorsy, and adventurous love birds in a ceremony and reception to match.

The wedding ceremony took place in the beautiful Glacier Point in Yosemite, CA. The weather was perfect and the view was nothing short of breathtaking. Having a backdrop of Half Dome (which is also where the couple got engaged – on the TOP of Half Dome!) and one of Yosemite’s famous waterfalls was the perfect vision for this pair.

Most of the details were put together by friends and family. Her mother used Pinterest to gather ideas and create perfect and colorful details. They also arranged flowers after picking them up from the Los Angeles Flower Mart.

Their subtle inspiration was from the wedding “UP”. It was the first movie they saw together as a couple. Between the bottle caps, and the beautiful colors it was inspired by the movie that looked more grown up and chic.

Shoes were Nike and Toms. Each of the boys had their names (or nick names) customized on their shoes thanks you Nike ID shoes online.

Elise wore TOMS in a sparkle blue to continue the tradition of “something blue”.

Something old AND borrowed was 120 year old vintage glamour veil that has been handed down in the family since it’s original owner (as engraved on the little metal piece on the veil).

The Reception at Wawona Hotel in the Sun Room was intimate and certainly preserved the vintage hotel’s antique details. The reception was casual with an open bar, fun games, golfing, and only the best family and friends.

The bean bag toss was created with the couple in mind – hand painted and glossed by the bride’s mom and dad.

Father and daughter had so many incredible memories together in Yosemite. It was certainly a moment they cherished with much emotion as they danced and remembered all the times they had come here camping before.

Guests enjoyed catered food exclusive from the Wawona Hotel. The desserts with included as well. Elise is a vegetarian so the yummy options were catered to the meat loving and veggies loving guests.

The cake toppers were a vintage pair of love bunnies. The cake was a buttercream yellow frosting tiered on wooden logs to match the scene outside. The cake was picked up from a local Safeway bakery department.

Guests left with mason jars of hand-made blueberry muffin mix with instructions on how to enjoy Aaron & Elise’s favorite breakfast.

To end it off…that night was the night of the Super Moon! The shot we got at moon-rise looked more like a sun-rise because of the beautiful brightness that it created


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