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Ezekial | A Story of True Love | Elk Grove, CA Maternity, Infant Photographer

Last year I met a beautiful family that happen to win a free mini session from me during a drawing at a 31 party I hosted. Little did I know later, I found out I was pregnant and I heard through the grapevine that she was too. Her due date was close to mine.

We didn’t know each other well, but when she contacted me for her mini session, I was excited to find out her due date was close to mine.

After an email, she told me the circumstances: “This is story of hope. That HE who can part the seas, can heal the sick! Ezekiel Edward, who is due in November, has been diagnosed by Dr’s as having Thanatophoric Skeletal Dyslasia which is a type of dwarfism that is “incompatible with life”. He is expected to only live a few hours. We are believing it ain’t over till it’s over. Follow our story.”

It hurt my heart for them. I felt honored, scared, excited, and hopefully all in one big package that only one who has been there could understand.

This was the memory they wanted to create for their little boy, who is now dancing in the glory of the Lord forever. One day, I will be able to tell little Ezekial just how much his little sister snuggled that elephant. And how his mom and dad held that ultrasound so proud. Ezekial, you were ALIVE inside your loving mommy’s womb and now you are ALIVE in heaven for eternity! Thank you for your testmony.

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