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Katy + Weston | Kenwood Depot Wine Country DIY Romantic Wedding | Sacramento Elk Grove Photographer

From The Bride:

Our story is what I think sets us apart 🙂 When we started the wedding process our plan was to have the day dedicated to being in each others presence.

We had a small budget ($5,000) and wanted things to be simple. The only thing that truly mattered to us was having an outdoor wedding with lots of green trees and grass. From the get-go, we had so many people offer their assistance.

We were offered a free venue, florist, photographer, baker, and coordinator. But by March everything changed. In March was when we learned that our photographer could no longer do the wedding. So after a lot of hunting we finally found Amy Atkins Photography.

Not long after that, his parents decided that they did not feel comfortable having the wedding at their home, so we were on a mad hunt for a new venue. The only one we could find was in Santa Rosa, four hours north of where Weston and I were living for college. After we finally nailed down the venue and the photographer, our florist, baker, and coordinator all let us know that they could no longer help us. All for good reasons, but still leaving us to scramble.

Through all of it, we continued to stay positive; remembering that what mattered was the marriage, not the wedding. Around this same time, my car broke down and we had to dip into wedding money to fix the car, having to pocket the rest of the wedding, and as minimum-wage-full-time-college-students, that was very difficult.

Then, with less than three weeks until the wedding, we learned that the venue’s grassy area, which we had originally planned to do the ceremony and reception on, did not belong to them, like they originally stated, and the only outdoor area they owned was a small lot of dirt AND the venue was not actually the size that we had originally discussed, the difference being 50 people. I was devastated.

Three days before the wedding, we got a call from the place we ordered his ring, and they told us they made a mistake and the ring would not be in on July 3rd, but instead on the 5th, maybe even the 6th. This was the first time I became a little bit of a bridezilla. I broke down in tears and was very upset, so they sent me one a half size larger, but it got to me on July 3rd, and it turned out to be the perfect size.

We invited 200 people, anticipating 120, but the venue actually only fit 70. Where were we going to put everyone? Why was this so difficult? Why was everything going wrong? By this point we had lost just about everything. But, by the grace of God, Weston was incredibly encouraging. He reminded me that the wedding was day in our life, and our marriage is the rest of our life. Weston is very detail oriented, like myself, and was an incredible help through all of it. He helped design everything and had opinions about decorations, so he really kicked butt in helping with all the details.

Everything began falling into place. A friend of my sisters offered to do all the cakes for free, Weston and I picked out flowers and my bridesmaids and I did all the arranging. We ended up laying sod over the dirt on the day of and 80 people came! To top everything off, we found a day of coordinator for a very good price. The wedding ended up being perfect and a blast! We had grass stained feet by the end of the day and all that really mattered was that we loved each other and God was honored. 2013-11-03_0083.jpg 2013-11-03_0082.jpg 2013-11-03_0081.jpg 2013-11-03_0080.jpg 2013-11-03_0079.jpg 2013-11-03_0078.jpg 2013-11-03_0085.jpg 2013-11-03_0089.jpg 2013-11-03_0088.jpg 2013-11-03_0087.jpg 2013-11-03_0086.jpg 2013-11-03_0075.jpg 2013-11-03_0074.jpg 2013-11-03_0076.jpg 2013-11-03_0077.jpg

Cakes and cupcakes: Kendra Bunch
Venue: Kenwood Depot
Food: La Texanita
Day of Coordinator: Roxanna Petersen
Shoes: Cathy Jean and none
Groomsmen’s Pants: Macy’s
Sod, Table, and the cross: Chris Annas in Santa Rosa
Groom and groomsmen’s ties:
Worship: Ruth and Steven Rutledge
Jewelry: Georgina Ettridge Jewellery

All floral arrangements were done by me and my girls. Photography was by you, obviously 🙂 Hair was done by my bridesmaid, Landi Mello. Programs were designed by me and my bridesmaid, Becka Watson. Music was done by a groomsmen, Josh Rogers. All decor ideas were done by myself, but set up was done by Roxanna and some friends of mine.


Other details from me (Amy Atkins – Photographer):

Something old was a vintage ring from Weston, the groom’s, late grandmother. His mom surprised the bride with it in a very emotional moment.

The bouquets were hand twined the day of the wedding. There was also some missing pink flowers and the friends had run out into the nearby wildflower field and picked some pink flowers to fill in where they needed to be.

The venue was organized with different sections stacked up with old wooden boxes and crates. The guestbook was a Bible – guests were asked to sign next to their favorite verse.

It was really quite amazing to have seen the dirt ceremony section to be transformed with a last-minute sod addition in less than 6 hours!

They enjoyed a traditional ceremony adding worship songs, and foot washing of each other to signify their service to each other from that moment forward.

The reception was truly a party – there was no bouquet toss or garter toss in efforts to keep it as personal as possible. During her father-daughter dance, he surprised her with a special music box on the dance floor at the end of the song. It was a special moment that everyone got to enjoy while they were still on “the dance grass”.

They were probably the most fun dancers I have ever had worked with! Bride and groom just got down with lots of awesome tracks – the best playlist ever.

During the “cocktail” hour, they offered a salsa bar – spoon your own, make a blend, and enjoy the chips! The favor was salsa in a small mason jar wrapped with their burlap and their name.

It was a beautiful venue find in the middle of wine country. It would be a great destination to then also honeymoon nearby and tour the wine facilities all along there.


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