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Kyle and Samantha | Bradshaw Christian School Senior Portraits | Elk Grove Photographer

It’s graduation time – not just for high school, but college, too! Kyle and Samantha are siblings, stuck at the hip…both graduating seniors. Kyle, from Bradshaw Christian School, and Samantha from University of San Diego.

I met them through their grandma at a mom’s group I am a part of. They were each easy to pose, had some great laughs, and loved on their mom who was with them and guiding them through the poses she loved.

She said there was a signature fist pump in the air that she had to have. It was a sign of victory. Of accomplishment. They did it!

Unfortunately, I recently heard news that their mother had passed away surrounded by family and friends. It breaks my heart to know they had to experience that. I extend my deepest sympathies to Kyle & Samantha and all their family.

I was so excited that she was able to see these photos of her children before she passed. They are going to be ok. They are smart, successful, and I know she is like a sunlight in their hearts…guiding them along the way.

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