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Michael + Emily | Sacramento Backyard DIY Purple Wedding Photos | Elk Grove, Sacramento Photographer

Michael & Emily you could just tell have the hots for each other. No doubt.

Okay, but first, I have to start out with this story about how they met.

They both knew each other through church and Facebook but that was it. Not really friends – just knew each other. Michael and his family have been avid swing dancers since they were little. Emily also loves her share of ballroom dancing. She also loves…shoes!

Michael heard about these shoes she loved. He messaged her for her size and they chatted on Facebook. One day around Christmas, he had given her these amazing black feather stilettos as a random act of kindness. And, asked for a dance in these shoes.

Talk about sweeping one off their feet! Since then, their date nights and time together was full of fun, excitement, and creative memories. Of course, how they became engaged was just as planned out and knit together by Michael as how they met.

Their wedding was an intimate setting at a private family estate with quant details and personal momentos – like the black shoes on display – pictures of their lives together – certain flowers that meant a lot to them…Truly it was a delightful day (even though the poor groom had a sprained ankle the whole event!)

Some of my favorite moments: Their first dance was the best (naturally) I have ever witnessed! It was elegant, with swirls and twirls and connection. I could tell that they were madly in love.

The toasts were super special and had everyone crying. It was incredibly sweet to hear from the father of the bride.

Another moment, the Best Man was also the videographer! What a talent that he was able to be in two places at once! 🙂

It was amazing to witness two amazing people who love the Lord so much come together and celebrate their unity under the presence of God and all their family and friends.

Congrats to you, Michael and Emily!

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