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Newly Adopted – Gallardo Family Photography Session | Davis Arboretum

Imagine being pregnant. For YEARS. More than 3 years. Even 4? No, I can’t imagine that either.

Deanna and Freddie have a heart for Haiti and they fell in love with the kids there as they served an orphanage there. They decided to adopt and it wasn’t a question that this was where they wanted to adopt from.

The thing is, the laws were tough there. It was very difficult to get through the system and they waited patiently as door after door opened.

With each door, though, there came set-backs and delays. It was a challenging time but finally they were placed with a sweet little boy!

More doors open…more steps forward and some steps back. YEARS passed.

Finally, with the help of the news as well paperwork was completed and movement went fast. They picked up their new son and brought him home in time for the holidays!

I have the priviledge of knowing this family and seeing their story of faith and perserverance unfold. I was also so excited to be asked to photograph their new family photo! He is just a doll and fits so well in with their love and sweet family.




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