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Once Upon a Valentine’s Day… | Jessica Bowers Photography + Amy Atkins Photography | Disney UP Inspired Child Photos Photoshoot

Once upon a time, not too long ago, there was a boy that loved adventure. He would travel far and wide to seek out the latest and greatest new escapade. He didn’t need anything but his imagination, his flight goggles, and his special pilot badge. He would pretend his name was NOT “grape soda” but rather, Pilot Cole the Brave. He was quite content with his own travels alone.

At the same time, in another cul-de-sac home there sat a girl. This was no ordinary girl. This girl was waiting in such a bored way for a new friend. You see, all her friends went off to an American Girl Doll camp. This girl did not like dolls. She liked dirt, dresses, and dares.

Pilot Cole the Brave found himself with a very special idea. A very special journey. A journey to the cul-de-sac. The cul-de-sac he renamed The Land of Rainbow Clouds. There was treasure to be found! Adventure to be Adventurered! But…he could not go alone. The rainbow clouds are only seen with two people travelling!

He looked up and immediate saw the girl. She was as sweet looking as cherries in the summer. She was uniformed in a white dress playing with sticks and stones without broken bones.

It was as if time stopped when their eyes met.

Pilot Cole the Brave ran up to her and quickly told her the plan. He got every last detail out in what seemed to be one long breath which made him dizzy from the lack of oxygen at the end. The Adventure Awaits…they began their hunt together.

They searched high and low for treasures in The Land of Rainbow Clouds. Trotting around the trees, gathering sticks of gold, their new friendship was an immediate bond of sweet love. Well, the girl was slightly more twitterpated than the very focused Pilot Cole the Brave.

As the sun came down the Rainbow Clouds appeared. The legend has said that only two true adventurers can see the treasure at the end of these mysterious Clouds.

Pilot Cole the Brave and the girl (Cole hadn’t asked what her name is yet) grabbed them close. They needed to make a plan.

“What was your name?”


“Okay, got it!”

“You are cute. I want your pilot goggles.”

Before long, they both got deep into conversation, laughs, and giggles about bubbles, burnt grilled cheese sandwiches, melted crayons, and the fact that these Rainbow Clouds look a lot like balloons…

WAIT! The Rainbow Clouds!

Pilot Cole the Brave grabbed them. Remembering the Tale, he handed them to Makayla hoping that they were two true adventurers that could see the treasure at the end of them.

They grabbed them and together they looked at each other. Waiting.

Suddenly, their faces filled with joy and glee. Laughter began uncontrollably and they felt the urge to run and run they did!

The rest of the evening was filled with balloon rides to the ocean, the forest, the desert. Pilot Cole the Brave took Makayla on a grand tour of all the adventures he had ever taken. She was smitten. And he was, too. He thinks.

The sun set. The street lights started to come on. It was time to return home and snuggle up in their own pillows. Until tomorrow.

Adventure Awaits.

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