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The Hartnett Family | Lineman Family Photography | Elk Grove, CA

It was so funny when I did this family because it turns out her husband is a lineman – just like mine! When I saw their pole, I couldn’t resist, and they had been wanting these photos, too! It was a lot of fun and maybe I will have to borrow their pole for our photos next year haha! 🙂

When someone is a lineman in the family, it is a lot like a lifestyle. When duty calls, they go and the family is home eagerly awaiting their arrival. It’s a part of why we love them so much. They are servants to us and to the community. They help keep your power restored so you don’t have to worry about losing food, comfort and etc.

Tell a lineman thank you for all their hard work! It’s definitely not for the faint of heart to work with 10,000+ volts of electricity on a daily basis.




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