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What about the flower girl? Flower Girl Styling Ideas and Tips from Casual to Formal


There are so so so many different details to think about when planning your wedding. Between prep to dinner it seems like there are so many lists, to do’s, and dresses to consider when styling your wedding.

Sometimes brides can take great detail to the flower girl but often it becomes more about the sign she carries than the little girl herself.

Some tips – first of all if they are young, make sure to practice a lot. Remember though at any age, it can be overwhelming to be stared at by so many. Such big pressures! Try to make it easy for the flower girl and in the end, be okay with the parents cues. It may not be the right fit.

A sign is great to hold to not stop up the aisle. Throwing flower petals are often distracting. Maybe have her hold a decor item that holds significance to your theme? Maybe just a bouquet? Leave the flower throwing to the older girls who can handle it.

What to wear: Look at your overall theme. She should be innocent and adorable but also go along with what your theme is. Are you at a barn? Vineyard? Ballroom? Can you match her to your bridesmades?


One or two? If there are two sisters, why not include them both? They would feel so special together!


Consider asking your photographer to get a photo of the flower girl with her parents. This is a special time for the parents, too, to see their little one(s) dressed up so sweet. It would make for a great “Thank you” gift in a frame later when the photos are ready for you.



Live animal use is a fun option but be careful! You need to make sure they are tamed and the owner is present helping. Think of all the possibilities when using animals and prepare for them. This particular miniature horse is a special tamed animal that does charity work in Sacramento visiting pediatric patients in hospitals! Such an awesome gift to those kiddos!





Spend a little bit of time with her even if it is just a few minutes of snuggles, kisses, or a dance. She feels like a princess like you do. This is practically the biggest day of her life at that moment 🙂



Flower crowns and urns filled with flowers are an excellent option to help your little flower girl feel like a princess.


Consider giving her a special toy for her to play with while attending the very long wedding.


All in all, have fun! Don’t feel forced to any one thing and don’t force her to. Enjoy the day and remember that children are children. Smile and laugh with them and enjoy their goofiness! 2015-06-23_0024.jpg


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