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Ian + Becky | McConnell Winery Secret Proposal in Elk Grove

This was my first undercover job – for real! And it was so fun to do!

Ian had hired me to be sneaky and do some undercover work. The lovely ladies at McConnell Winery in Elk Grove arranged to say that I was doing some “website” photo updates so it wasn’t too obviously that I was around with a camera. I stayed at a distance capturing them with my super long range lens and then turning to pretend to capture other photos of their building and details.

They had set up a lovely table as a “prop” but ended up being where they sat to talk about the possibilities of McConnell being a venue for their “one day” wedding.

Then, once the signal was given, I kept my camera in their direction, and watch and captured as he dropped to a knee and proposed! It was the sweetest thing and of course she said yes!

We moved right into a mini engagement session for them. Ian did so well putting this whole thing together for her. He definitely went above and beyond for his love!










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